Interested in Dating Relationship? Secrets for GF in 3 days

In 2019, online dating relationship revenue in the U.S. amounted to 973 million U.S. dollars, and it is projected to surpass 1.1 billion U.S. dollars by 2024 and imagine the market projections worldwide.

The dating scene is booming all over the world guys, we can just consider USA as a leader in any new development and progress in the world, as they are the trend setters for the world.

Imagine a guy from India dating a girl from USA or vice versa, it is all possible in this digital age, you don’t have to limit yourself  for a particular geographical location and Dating Pandit is here to guide you.

The world is your playground just go out and play, but before you go out and play properly you need to understand the game and you might be wondering what the duck is this game?

Read this article to it’s entirety and you will get a clear answer on mastering this game to such a level that you could get yourself a girlfriend in next 3 days.

What Is Dating Relationship ?

It’s a social meeting up of two people to explore each other romantically, it’s a no strings attached love relationship game according to me.

Nowadays it goes deeper than that; check out some of these love dating relationship memes

relationship memes dating pandit

dating relationship meme








Before you get intimate with someone you need to spend time with them to get to know them, so the concept of dating got widely accepted especially in the western cultures and it is catching up in other parts of the world as well.

In some of the eastern cultures the concept of dating is missing, due to arranged marriage concept. Well, it worked fine for previous generations, but nowadays this concept is fundamentally flawed in it’s makeup.

Because the whole structure of arranged marriage makes a man incompetent in finding a suitable mate on his own merit, arranged marriage is suitable for non entrepreneurial mindset guys.

Just listen to the reasoning behind this by us Indians by one of the successful entrepreneurs in India Mr. Kunal Shah in this YouTube video so watch around 2Min 56Sec to 3Min 51Sec on why dating is the way for business success and original thinking as well.

Dating and Relationship Coaches

No one knows everything; if you realize this fact in life then you can improve and overcome your shortcomings in life. We all need expert opinion in improving ourselves as the experts have dedicated their life to be curious and fascinated about one particular subject.

To go that extra mile, that one inch, which will help you reach the finish line first, you will require an edge, for that you need such expert mentors in your ears.

I am going to list out a few of the well-known dating and relationship coaches here, you can check them out here

The Attractive Man

Mathew Hussey

Todd Valentine

Owen Cook

Jason Capital

You might be wondering why have i mentioned only guys outside india, aren’t there any dating coaching experts in india? There are, but ours is not a dating culture encouraging society to be honest.

I have even saw my dad, who is an ex-cop holding a guy accountable for just roaming around with a girl in our home street. so imagine how i managed at my home, where my mom use to read my personal diaries and give an indirect summary update on my life, where i would have mentioned about the crushes i had, which would even made me go under the shell.

So how i overcome all these social conditioning, it is all thanks to these mentors from the west, who had lifted the chains that was put on my mind since childhood and showed me a new and original way of thinking.

So these are some of the leading dating coaches who are adding tons value from their YouTube channels, Blog and through their Coaching and mentorship programs, so go check them out.

One day “Prajwal Venkatesha – Dating Pandit” will be known as an dating relationship expert in the world as well is what i desire to be, and also let me know in the comment section who you liked the most and if you have any other recommendations to be added to the list.

Pick Up Artists

The whole world of pick up artistry has an history that can be traced back to the book by “Eric Weber called How to pick up girls”  published in 1977 the writer was a pioneer.

how to pick up girls eric weber book

From that book alone, many guys discovered and explored their natural talents or shortcomings in some cases to come up with their own theories for a successful game in the changing times of a culture that they are part of.

Then during the internet era came the enigmatic “David De Angelo” who added so much content and value to the community that he showed a tremendous potential of the industry and how much the market wanted it.

The book by “Neil Strauss – The Game” brought the attention to the underground pick up artist community into the eyes of the main stream media worldwide, but the true skills of the game was taught in the next book by Neil Strauss called “Rules of the Game”

Erik von Markovik aka Mystery, Tyler Durden, David DeAngelo aka Eben Pagan, Paul Janka are all honorable mentions in adding tremendous value in making men better understand the dating game for humanity as a whole.

Many Hollywood movies such as Hitch took inspiration from the pick up artists and relationship coaching community and made movies upon that topic

How Women Minds Function in Dating Relationship?


how women minds function in dating relationship

It depends on each individual nowadays, whether they are a cling on or not, females feel liberated and exploring their potential mates more than ever before, so the eggs can make choices too.

This is the age of gender equality which is giving men and women equal opportunity to freely explore the dating scene without inhibition or societal concerns with not much obligation to reproduce an offspring to take care of the farm so to speak.

All are independent, educated, skilled enough to make a living on their own,

How Men Minds Function in Dating Relationship?

How Men Minds Function in Dating Relationship

Our boys are having the time of their life, females are open to get into a no strings attached relationship more than ever before in the history of mankind.

The advances in  birth control had made it a boon to explore various partners at a an deep intimate level, unlike ever before.

So males are thinking in terms of numbers, how many did I get really intimate in the prime of my youth is what running in their mind. There are capricious in this aspect most of all, as the consequences are none.

It’s a score card running in their mind

How To Do Dating?

My first advice is to go out there and approach people in your vicinity if they seem open to you. Then if you find no one suitable around you for your unique personality.

i hope you found tons of value from the above mentioned video in your picking up women for a date journey, if so do share this article to your buddies, share is caring my friend.

If live meet up is not your thing, then go online man, there is abundance of options, you just have to setup your profile online to win at this game.

Bring in the right energy with your presence online, beam positivity, invite her into your world in whatever way possible, and then you close.

Go out approach, online or offline and let your personality do the talking and if she likes it, then invest time and energy but not much money in the initial days.

If you receive what you wanted then invest further, if you feel it’s a good thing to continue and find it beneficial for both parties, then take a leap of faith and get committed man. As each person born must die, in-between get committed to a partner.

List of Dating Site and Apps I Recommend

List of Dating Site and Apps I Recommend




Truly Madly


Facebook Dating

And this list goes on to click start your dating relationship journey, and the technology has made it easier than ever before and has brought the whole world lot closer than ever before.

And these are my top pics for dating sites and apps as of now, and I will be keep updating this list on this article for sure, so bookmark our Dating Pandit home page and you will have abundance of great dating relationship.

Tinder dating is the talk of the town and city as well, but if you are looking for some more alternatives, then check out this article from esquire


Secret Steps to get GF in 3 Days


secrets to get gf in 3 days











  • Have a cool fashion sense

Having a sense of the fashion style of your times, being in touch with what’s in the vogue is key for dating success especially for men.

Grow self-awareness about fashion, what makes you comfortable wear it, but get a quality product, consider it as an investment.

  • Improve your communication skills

For any relationship to succeed mastering communication is in the top of my priority list, but why it is second in this list you might be wondering.

Because, you need a good sense of fashion and style to attract your potential partner, attraction is the first step but the words that come out of your mouth will reveal who you are as a person.

Communication not just happens from the words that come out of your mouth, your body language says a lot about you

  • It’s a numbers game

Yes, you read it right. According to my world view dating and relationship is just like sales and marketing, there is a certain conversion ratio you can observe overtime.

People might deny your dating offer for various circumstances taking place in their life at that particular point of time in their life, they might like you deep down inside but they might not be ready to buy.

Due to their family, career, lingering memories of their Ex and so on, so have patience and approach more people with an optimistic outlook and you will convert more people than you previously believed.

  • Set proper expectations

Be clear about what you want out of any relationship before you get into it, this clarity will protect you in the long run.

There is no reason for hiding anything from your partner, that means you are in a wrong relationship, so always have clarity about your wants and needs and understand your partners wants and needs then dating or even long term relationship will be a smooth ride.

  • Solve obstacles to attain freedom

According to the societal restrictions imposed consciously and subconsciously upon an individual, many want what you want and they are willing to cooperate only if you overcome those obstacles,.

What are these obstacles you might be wondering, the obstacles include family, friends, communication channels, career paths, finances and so on.

  • Mindset

This is the power house of your entire game which will make you and keep you successful in any relationship. You just be and beam comfort, you have to learn to remain present, grounded and relaxed under tension.

If you can master that state of mind, you are good for any challenge that your potential girlfriend might put at you, remain relaxed, comfortable and be clear about your personal worth.

  • Listen

Learn to listen but don’t try to be a problem solver, all they want you to do is listen to their story. If you do this, you build an connection that brings in trust in their heart about you.

  • Invite

Invite them to your word, tell stories that are fascinating, notice interesting things happening around your life, even nothing interesting is happening, you make it interesting with your story telling, make it fun and filled exciting emotions this will create a deeper bond between you and your partner for sure.

  • Qualify

After you approach and letting her know how cool, calm, comforting you are, it’s time for you to start qualifying her on how good she is to be part of your life.

Because, remember this You might have made the initial move to get to know her, as it is a man’s role to do so, but you are not chasing her, as you are the catch and not her.

So ask her like, what is so interesting about her to be around and qualify her and then decide whether to continue to be with her or not.

Every women loves a bit of challenge, don’t be too easy for her to get you, so asking such questions which makes her try to qualify to you is very important for the long term health of an relationship.

If you follow all the steps mentioned above, you will definitely have yourself a quality girlfriend in next 3 days or less for sure. Taking massive action and applying the knowledge is the secret to success in the dating game.

But if you want to study the topic at a much deeper level, then check out this in depth article written by me called “How to get a Girlfriend”

Astrology Compatibility in Dating

astrology compatibility in dating













This is a big thing in India, checking compatibility of couples before committing them to marriage. Through the ancient practice of Vedic astrology people have determined the fate of couples over many generations.

I am not sure how accurate this analysis can be, as I have seen many arranged marriages break apart over the years, although being well researched about their astrological compatibility beforehand.

More than astrology, people need to study the latest research by academics on factors behind successful relationships and apply that in their life.

Everyone should have that learners mindset, because the societies mindset and the technologies rapid influence is changing our lifestyle more than ever before, to cope with this changes you need to study how to make a relationship successful and the interest to improve should come from both parties.

Then only any dating relationship become a successful love story for generations to come, as happy relationships makes a whole nation prosper indirectly according to research.

Read this article written by me, where i have synthesized lot more quality dating relationship advice for 21st century men and women

Frequently Asked Questions

Which celebrity is dating who?

It simply doesn’t matter to most of you guys in knowing which celebrity is dating which person, because the lifestyle that they are living is totally out of touch with the ground reality and most of the people they meet and interact with have a superficial and shallow perspectives about the whole relationship.

I will definitely not recommend anyone to consider any of the pop culture celebrities out there as your role models for dating and relationship building.

What Is True Love In A Relationship?

A guy who lost everything but still he has someone who believes in him, that my friend is true love. That someone so special who believes in you, that you can become successful one day and encourages you to pursue your passion and purpose, uplifts you and talks about you with utmost respect in front of others, is what true love in a relationship is all about according to me.

How to end a Relationship with someone you Love?

Sometimes you have to let go of something good, to receive something better and great. Another aspect of love is freedom, if you truly love someone you will always send good vibes towards them whether they are with you or far away from you.

So, clearly expressing each other’s wants to one another will help you end the relationship on a positive note.  When you truly love them, but still feel like you lack the necessary experience to make that long term commitment, then you better explore and gain perspective.

In Conclusion

Dating relationship is the art of applying human psychology knowledge according to the social conditioning of that particular time along with studying the conditioning of the individuals mind depending on their background.

So the bottom line of this entire article on dating and loving relationship would be for you to realize the importance of becoming an high value guy and learning the art of sales and marketing to be an business entrepreneur of your own self/

Having passion, purpose and surrounding yourself with high quality people will help you become an high value guy in life and that will definitely reflect in your relationships as well.




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