How To Impress Girls : Method One

In this article I will talk about how to impress girls one specific signal that is social proof which is so critically important for success with women. It’s like the meta, the mega honest signal.

It is probably one of the easiest ones, for you to manipulate and the most effective. We already talked about the fact, social approval and social validation is pretty much everything for women.

It is super critical for them, then why not use it for your advantage. The guys who I know, the guys in the world who did best with women look at them, what are they?

Famous = Social Proof, Guys who are in like fraternities in college = Social Proof, Guys on sports teams in college = Social Proof, all this kind of things right.

Who else does really really well, guys with massive circles of friends, guys who work in the night life industry. Guys who have really good social media presence, those are guys who get tons and tons of really hot girls.

And the reason why is because, the big part of game is conveying your personality to the girl. The problem is, in game when you are conveying your personality there is usually an agenda there, it is usually try hard.

But social proof is a way of conveying your personality that’s not try hard, so if you are a famous athlete, and the girls has seen you play, you conveyed your personality to her by playing a game, it has nothing to do with her, it wasn’t try harder and there was no agenda.

If you are an actor and she has seen your movies, she has seen your social proof. If you are a DJ and she has seen everyone in the club responding to you and knows you are famous and a big deal, she can get attracted to you, without you not putting in any effort.

On lower level than famous, me and my crew joke and we say, she has to watch you work, she has to see you at your best without you trying to impress her.

If you literally, she has worked with you and you are good at your job and high up in the company, and if she saw that and she would be impressed.

I know when I was in high school, I was an star athlete and I was good academically, we had this like general school meetings and I would always be getting up on stage and winning awards.

Now that girls who actually knew me weren’t that attracted to me, because they actually knew me, but lot of the girls in the younger classes, it’s before I knew game by the way.

But lot of the girls in the younger classes, they would see me get on the stage and they have these crushes on me from a distance, why because of social proof.

If your friends say cool things about you or you have cool friends, that’s speaks more of you being a cool person, then you saying cool things about yourself.

Why because, you didn’t make the friends to impress the girl, you just happen to have the friends, never mind I am telling you to have more friends and have more friends around you, because it will be impressive to girls.

But even though you didn’t do it for the specific girl, it is still treated as an honest signal. So social proof is one of the most powerful honest signals you can have and you can see why.

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