This question of how to pick up girls or find a suitable partner from the opposite gender is running in a man’s mind from time immemorial, which is essential for a species to thrive I believe.

There are more than 56 million American adults, who have always been single according to a statistics report from U.S Census Bureau, now imagine the situation in third world countries where there is not much encouragement for an open dating scene.

How to pick up girls

So this knowledge and skill of how to approach or say how to pick up girls in laymen terms, is crucial than ever as people are getting gadgets which is providing instant gratification and forgetting the benefits of long term human bonding for the betterment of the human species.

All thanks to the modern day innovation of the internet where sharing of knowledge and information has been made so easy that this age old mystery on how to pick up girls is getting solved and resolved with many genius folks worldwide sharing their wisdom with us just like “Dating Pandit – Prajwal Venkatesha”  is about to do in this article.

So read this article to its entirety and I guarantee you that you will walk out of this article as a better and more confident man.

How to Pick Up Girls in College

I think picking up girls from college campuses is one of the best ways to learn and practice how to pick up girls. Because in college campuses, girls are lot open to approaches from men.

Because this is the part of their life where they have given permission to meet and interact with as many new people as possible, to get to know them a lot better in life, as this is the building stage of their career, network and personality

So if you want to learn how to pick up girls? Then nearby college campuses are your best bet according to me

Watch this video from “How To Beast” channel on YouTube to learn more from his live approach https://youtu.be/pyBatSV8aYw

I guess you have checked out the video, where the guy is getting the girls phone numbers, but what happens next is the most important thing.

how should I text a girl to be my girlfriend should be the next priority in your mind, because getting the phone number is easy, but how do you get her to be your girlfriend, by triggering the right points in her mind and heart, with command and grip over words.

You should be capable of triggering positive emotions in a girl about you, by playing with words that would evoke her imagination, curiosity to know more about you.

How to Pick Up Girls at a Party

Picking up girls in a party has its own pros and cons, and I think there are more pros than cons, as in this kind of social situation like parties, where you are less likely to be judged.

If being judged is your main concern, then how to pick up girls info is not suitable for you, ‘cause it’s a man’s responsibility to bite the bullet and take the shot and make the first move no matter what the risk might be.

Yes you will be judged, and the word about your approach might spread fast as a gossip, but you have to take the risk and make the approach confidently.

But how do you win a girl’s heart in a party where most of the guys are looking for love like you, the answer is simple: be a guy of high status.

how do you win a girl's heart

Women’s brain has evolved for many thousands of years to give her heart to a guy who is considered high status in the social circles, show that you have highly reliable social circle with great resources.

Be funny about your power; never put her on a pedestal. Talk with her in a mind-set of, that you are the catch and not her, will get half your job of winning her heart is done.

So I recommend you to read this book from one of my mentor “Jason Capital” called “High Status” to know how to become an high status guy to attain fulfilling success in life.

Higher Status: The New Science of Success and Achievement by Jason Capital https://www.amazon.in/dp/1619615991/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_dp_V33A65BJMJRFQN8HEEBK via @amazonIN


How to Pick Up Girls at the Mall

This has been one of the easiest places to approach and pick up a girl, in a public place like a mall, the women feels lot more secure, maybe it’s due to CCTV cameras all around or simply the whole setting makes it very sociable to approach and play your pick up game.

Malls are the best place for any pick up artist to master the game as the traffic at the mall is unlimited with lot of options to go for according to my experience in metro cities.

Malls are crowded place but how do you tell if a women is secretly attracted to you in such public places, this is where knowledge about women’s psychology comes into play.

See whether if she gives you can eye contact, and if she does give you an eye contact, next step is to give a small smile at her and see whether she responds back to you with the same.

If she does smile back to you, all your doubts would be cleared whether the women likes you secretly or not.


How to Pick Up Girls Online

Finding the women of your dreams has been made a whole lot easier than ever before, all thanks to the inventors and innovators of internet.

First step is that you have to keep an optimized profile which is warm and welcoming, and your basic knowledge of marketing will play a key role in winning the customers over, for your love business I believe.

How to pick up girls online

So apply the AIDA model, which simply stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Your profile should get the necessary attention first to let her get to know you a lot deeper as a person later.

Getting attention is easy nowadays, with high quality photo and video editing tools and skills easily available for anyone at their fingertips; it becomes all the more important to stand out from the crowd by creating an eye popping bio to your potential mate.

But how do you tell if a girl likes you on the internet, well it’s little difficult to know, as most of the girls online likes to keep their feelings to themselves and in the contrast, those who do express becomes an instant celebrity and your chances of getting her attention becomes slim.

So only option left for a guy online is to send request and direct messages to as many girls as possible, with a proven text template that would make her realize your fun loving personality.

Praise her often as possible, ‘cause this is your only shot of getting a reply from her, and moving things forward to an actual real date, I suggest guys to spend lot more time in live approaches than spending money to unlock pro features of these dating sites and apps.

Unless you are living in some remote location with minimum opportunities to find a suitable girlfriend that meets your standards and taste.

How to Pick Up Girls Books

Well, I congratulate and applaud all you men who think this way that they have thought that they need help and books could definitely lead the way to understand where we stand in this game of love.

At the end of the day, it’s a game where most men are failing to realize their full potential, due to several reasons, be it social conditioning, lacking in communication skills and there might be numerous other childhood  traumas, setbacks  which might be holding you back.

To break free from all these illusory chains, you need expert advice, guidance, and mentorship, which you can easily gain by reading books.

In a book a person would have synthesized all his knowledge gained through experience over the years in a compressed and easily applicable way, which you can easily pick up by reading and practicing the techniques in real life scenarios by putting yourself to the test.

You got to know, how do you make a girl go crazy about you right? My suggestion to you would be to read the books on marketing, copywriting, sales along with the regular pick up artist books.

At the end of the end of the day, you are selling yourself, you are a product, and I know it sounds kind of cheesy to think like this, but let’s just be practical for few minutes here.

A girl would be having so many choices in this modern world to choose from, she is empowered, educated, then why should she choose you?

So you have to learn and apply the knowledge from marketing and sales to win in the dating game, and I believe these are the fundamentals every guy should keep in mind.

In Conclusion

When I started to write this article I didn’t realize I was about to embark on a journey of self-reflection and self-introspection of the highest order, because the entire matter surrounding how to pick up girls is a universal concept.

The answer to it is simple, as I have concluded in the above few sections of the article in straight forward terms. When you know your value, your game will improve and reach to the next level of success, trust me.

how do you make a girl go crazy about you

Your success with women will directly correlate to your career success as well and vice versa, if a man figures out this dating relationship aspect of his life, then he is set sound in every aspect of the life, which I personally believe.

I hope you found this article useful and meaningful, and follow our “Dating Pandit” website by bookmarking it, for lot more such useful tips on dating, technology and life in general, follow us on YouTube at Alpha Indian Men (Our Parent Brand)

Thank you for reading this far, I truly appreciate your effort in improving your understanding how to pick up girls, and I believe you will definitely win her heart with this dedication towards self-improvement.

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