Beautiful Facts About The Valentines Day Movie from 2010

I am writing this article in the appropriate Valentine’s Day season, so you could watch or Re-watch the beautiful and soulful Valentines Day movie with your loved one on the special day of valentine.

I believe you will definitely have a good time after you read this article to its entirety and takeaway key nuggets about the movie, and you will enjoy the movie lot more after this, I promise.

valentines day movie
valentines day movie

A beautiful movie always leaves you with some lingering memorable moments which you cannot forget, through its wonderful dialogues and candid moments exchanged between the characters and that is exactly the case with The Valentine’s Day movie I believe.

In the next paragraph I have mentioned few of the memorable quotes from the movie Valentine’s Day I hope it sparks your passion and rekindle the emotion of love in this season of love.


Some of the memorable Valentines Day Movie Quotes

"To some people, love doesn't exist unless you acknowledge it in front of other people."

"When you love someone, you love all of them, not just the good things but the bad things too.
 The things you find lovable and the things you don't."

"You don't step in love; you fall in head over heels."

Favorite Soundtracks from Valentines Day

I also like to mention some of the most memorable Valentines Day movie soundtracks I enjoyed, I have only chosen to mention three of them here,

I’m In The Mood For Love

Written by Dorothy Fields and Jimmy McHugh

Performed by Jools Holland and Jamiroquai

The reggae feel of the song is apparent to your years with a saxophone orchestra behind makes this song a classic number and definitely a nice BGM to have for a movie like Valentine’s Day

Say Hey (I Love You)

Written by Michael Franti and Carl Young

Performed by Spearhead (as Michael Franti & Spearhead)

This song is so fun and hip with very memorable and catchy lyrics, like “the more is see you the less I know”, this song is upbeat and will lift your mood for sure.

For Once In My Life

Written by Ronald Miller and Orlando Murden

Performed by Stevie Wonder

This classic song performed by the legend Stevie Wonder in the year 1968 is a favorite of any man who is a passionate soul, always seeking new love in his life. This old classic has some simple instruments and chorus that makes you fly with the love of your life.

These songs mentioned above are timeless classics in my book, and do let me know what you think about them in the comment section.


Cast of Valentine’s Day Movie 

The Valentines Day Movie Cast is one more important corner stone that holds up the movie in full glory from the beautiful gorgeous casting of Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel to Jennifer Garner, they all add that glamorous flair that every movie goer looks out for.

valentines day movie cast
valentines day movie cast still

Along with some powerful performers like Bradley Cooper, Ashton Kutcher, Kathy Bates, Jamie Foxx to name a few, who portray their roles in a compelling manner.

This movie has some amazing guest performances from Taylor Swift to Julia Roberts who definitely make you feel joyful when you see them.

This movie definitely hits a home run by touching the emotional chord of people irrespective of their age and gender with right casting.


Where can you watch Valentines Day movie online?

Many are wondering about that, and i recently came across the online giant Amazon holding the rights to showcase this cult classic movie to his audiences worldwide.

So use your amazon prime subscription to have a delightful time with your loved one.

Update: I recently saw that you can buy or rent the valentines day movie on YouTube as well, so cheers to YouTube

valentines day movie online

Apart from this classic, if you are looking to checkout other best valentines day movies, I have a few suggestions to make like Say anything, The Notebook, Sleepless in Seattle are all my personal favorite suggestions for the love birds to watch together to deepen their love bond.

best valentines day movie

Few more Interesting Facts about the Valentines Day Movie

Many will be wondering what will be the time commitment to watch a movie like this and thinking How long is the movie valentines day? According to me the duration is bigger compared to usual Hollywood movies but who is complaining, it’s an happy problem to have.

So the Valentines Day movie is basically around 125 minutes to its entirety, which comes around 2 hours 5 min of watch time duration to spend with your loved one.

Many people ask is Valentine’s Day on Netflix? Netflix don’t have the rights to showcase The Valentine’s day movie as of now.

As we all know Amazon Prime is a huge competitor of Netflix in the subscription based video streaming platform model, and they luckily got this movie in the Amazon basket for you to enjoy.


How much will be the cost to make a movie like Valentines Day?

This question lingers usually in budding movie makers across the globe, to answer your query, the cost to make Valentine’s Day movie at the time of 2010 financial market was around $52 Million Dollars.

Which is considered to be a mid-budget movie, considering Hollywood standards of $200 to $300 Million Dollars budgeted movies like Titanic, Entangled and so on.

How much did the valentine's day movie cost?

But still with this mid-budget and an appropriate movie title and storyline of an evergreen nature, adding to it the release date of 12th February which happens to be very close the actual Valentine’s Day, made the movie a huge hit to its producers.

So The Valentine’s Day movie has able to manage to gross well over $200 Million Dollars worldwide, to be exact it stands around $216,485,654 Million Dollars collected worldwide, which is considered to be a blockbuster hit for production houses like “Karz Entertainment” and “Rice Films”.

As we all know the movie was released worldwide on 12th Feb 2010 just right two days before the actual Valentine’s Day celebrations worldwide, which is considered to be one of the most brilliant marketing strategies.


How old is the Valentines Day Movie and what type?

So this question of how old is the Valentines Day movie answers itself. As of today 1st of Feb 2021 I am writing this article on Valentine’s Day movie, so it’s over 10 + years now and in 10 more days the movie will complete its 11 years anniversary, congratulations.

Many people also wonder what type of movie Valentine’s Day would be?

The answer is simple; the movie is a romantic comedy with lots of key takeaways like, what love in a relationship is all about and also touching on grandparents and grandson relationship and how naive the outlook of youth can be on the concept of romantic relationship is all about.

Checkout the Trailer of Valentine’s Day and you get a good feel about it

In brief The Valentine’s Day movie has several couples face struggles related to their love lives, while others try their best to find love. However, they try to overcome the challenges to make things work out in the end and figure out a way to deal with it by letting you contemplate.

Check out IMDB for a more detailed insight

In Conclusion

The Valentines Day movie is a delight to watch, do catch the trailer and you could check out the reviews already available online, but it doesn’t do much justice to the brilliance of this movie, which you can only grasp once you see it in its entirety with your unique perspective I believe.

what type of movie is valentine's day?

The movie being crafted by the maker of such classics like “Pretty Women” Director “Garry Marshall”, I would like to say conclusion, you are in for a treat with the experience and ages of wisdom in creating movie magic by Garry for so many years to people’s hearts and minds worldwide.

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Happy Valentine Everyone…

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